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All Sauces & Dressing are Gluten Free

Vegan Options indicated by (v)


Sriracha Mayo

Combination of premium mayonnaise & Sriracha Chili Sauce

Wasabi Mayo

Combination of premium mayonnaise & ground Wasabi root

Medium Salsa (v)

Traditional style

Cajun Remoulade

SPICY blend of 12 ingredients mixed with premium mayonnaise


Sweet Chili Glaze (v)

Sweet & mildly spicy glaze


Horseradish Cream

Combination of premium mayonnaise, fresh horseradish, & white wine


Spicy Buffalo

Traditional HOT Buffalo sauce


Chipolte Lime Ranch

Smoked jalapenos blended with premium Ranch dressing


Carolina BBQ (v)

Twist of traditional BBQ with a hint of mustard


Lemon Mustard Cream

Combination of Lemon, Dijon mustard, & premium mayonnaise


Curry Me Bad

Combination Yellow Curry, Rice Wine Vinegar, & premium mayonnaise


Sour Cream


Avocado Walnut Vinaigrette 

Combination walnut, avocado, honey, garlic, vinegar & olive oil


Roasted Red Pepper Sour Cream 

Combination of fire roasted Red Peppers & premium sour cream


Chimichurri (v)

Blend of fresh herbs (cilantro & parsley), garlic, lime & olive oil


Judo Chop (v) 

Blend of maple syrup, sriracha, & soy sauce (gluten free)


Citrus Vinaigrette

Award winning blend of citrus flavors, garlic, vinegar & olive oil


Red Wine Vinaigrette

House made blend of seasoning, honey, vinegar & olive oil


Yum Pow

Chive house-made version of Thai Peanut sauce


Sweet Chili Cream 

Blend of Sweet Chili Glaze & premium mayonnaise

Wing Sauces


Buffalo Sauce

Mild, Medium, or Hot


Crunchy & plain

Sweet & Spicy Soy

Blend of maple syrup, sriracha, & soy sauce (gluten free)


Garlic Parmesan

Blend of garlic & parmesan in a creamy butter sauce

Honey Garlic

Blend of fresh garlic & honey


House blend of jerk seasoning combined with butter


Traditional Sweet BBQ sauce

Awesome Sauce

Combination of Sweet BBQ, yellow mustard, & Hot wing sauce


Combination of Sweet Chili & Medium wing sauces

Old Bay

Old Bay & melted butter

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